Terms & Conditions

Hauling Auto agrees to the following

Pick-Up and Delivery

We offer door-to-door service, unless restricted by residential area limitations. Additional charges may apply for inoperable or oversized vehicles (such as dual or oversize wheels, extra-large, racks, lifted, limo, etc.). These charges must be paid in cash or money order if not disclosed prior to pick-up.


The carrier and driver are authorized to operate and transport your vehicle from the pick-up location to the destination as per this shipping order-bill of lading.


Hauling Auto aims to transport your vehicle as promptly as possible according to your instructions. However, we cannot guarantee pick-up or delivery on a specified date or time due to potential unforeseen circumstances (force majeure events). Cancellation policy applies as detailed.

Vehicle Preparation

The shipper should remove all non-permanent outside mounted items. Vehicles must be in good running condition with no more than a half tank of fuel.

Prohibited Items

Luggage and personal property are not permitted inside the vehicle during transport. Hauling Auto is not liable for personal items left in the vehicle or for damage caused by excessive or improper loading of personal items.

Cancellation Policy

If the customer cancels before the vehicle has been assigned to a carrier, the deposit will be fully refunded. If cancellation occurs after assignment to a carrier, a fee equal to the deposit may be charged.

Damage Claims

Any damage claims are the responsibility of the assigned carrier, who is required by law to have liability insurance. All claims must be noted at the time of delivery and submitted in writing to the carrier as per their bill of lading terms.

Restricted Items

No electronic equipment, valuables, plants, live pets, alcohol, drugs, or firearms may be left in the vehicle.

Terms and Conditions

his agreement is subject to the carrier’s tariff and the uniform straight bill of lading, available at the carrier’s office.

COD Instructions

All COD payments must be in cash or certified funds upon delivery.

General Terms and Conditions

Governing Law

Governed by the laws of Florida, U.S.A.

Entire Agreement

These Terms & Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the customer and Hauling Auto.

Severability, Waivers, and Assignments

Standard legal provisions apply.


Must be in writing and signed by both parties.

This agreement & the services provided are by Hauling Auto, ensuring professional and reliable service. Hauling Auto operates under the U.S. Department of Transportation Broker’s license number 1043548, to maintain the highest standards of operation and compliance in our auto transport services.