Enjoy a Complimentary Car Wash from Hauling Auto!

At Hauling Auto, we're committed to delivering not just your vehicle, but also an exceptional experience. To add a finishing touch to our service, we're delighted to offer you a complimentary car wash - a token of our appreciation for choosing us.

How it works?

Transport Your Vehicle with Us

Once your vehicle has been successfully transported by Hauling Auto, you’re eligible for this sparkling offer.

Get Your Car Washed

Take your vehicle to any car wash of your choice.

Upload Your Receipt

Fill out our simple car wash voucher form and upload the receipt from your car wash.

Receive Your Reimbursement

We’ll reimburse you $20 per vehicle for the car wash. It’s our way of saying thank you and ensuring your vehicle looks its best after its journey with us.

Why offer a Car Wash on us?

It’s All About Care

We believe in going the extra mile. A clean car post-transport is our little gesture to ensure you're completely satisfied.

Choose Your Preferred Car Wash

You have the freedom to select any car wash service you prefer.

Simple and Hassle-Free

Our easy reimbursement process is designed for your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions

If not answered here, call 833-426-6539.

Ready to get started?

Transport your vehicle with us and enjoy a shiny, clean car

You have the freedom to choose any car wash service you prefer. There are no restrictions on the car wash provider.

After getting your car washed, simply fill out our online voucher form and upload a picture or a scanned copy of your receipt. We’ll handle it from there!

Your reimbursement will be credited directly to the same credit card you used for our vehicle transport services. We ensure a smooth and convenient reimbursement process, reflecting the credit typically within a few business days after your voucher submission.